It is a drum site of k-hashii-japan.
It is the site around the drumbeat source of drummer k-hashii-japan.
From an old live sound source,
Such as recent JAM sessions
It is the site that improved mainly on a sound source,
There is the sound source in are of this page.

It is a site of drummer k-hashii-japan! (I upload a sound source mainly)

drum solo

It is a drumbeat source of k-hashii-japan.

k-hashii-japan was active around local Osaka as of May, 2008 about 20 years ago,
It is a live sound source of MANIAC.
The sound is considerably bad as I converted a cassette tape as it is the sound source 30 years ago,
In addition, I ring 2 buses repeatedly, but am a little difficult to hear.
A bird was casbah, and DOOM, a head weasel appeared by this live.
There is not it, but is a live in "EGG PLANT" now.
I copied it by a record for import.
Member photograph.

session 5/6/2008

session 5/9/2008

session 5/11/2008
session 5/11/2008

session 5/18/2008

session 5/25/2008

session 5/31/2008
session 5/31/2008
session 5/31/2008

session 6/15/2008

session 6/18/2008

session 6/23/2008

session 6/23/2008

session 9/28/2019


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